Addison Rae Sings about Bryce Hall in New Song?

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Hollywood News Addison ray’s next song might be about Bryce hall plus KSI  reacts to Jake Paul’s van Ascrim fight. Bhall and Addison ray drama recall.  Bryce went off on Addison ray when  rumors began to go viral claiming that  Addison and jack Harlow were getting  cozy at the Jake fight. There was  also rumors claiming that the two  started dating Bryce. Then posted a  series of not so friendly tweets about  the situation  until Addison tweeted out she is single.

Well Bryce has now apologized for his reactionary tweets on Noah beck’s.  Backseat driver in the video Bryce  admits he was being stupid and acted out  of anger he then added it’s no one  else’s fault but his own and he wishes. He could take the comments back  but okay we’re not done with Bryce and  Addison just yet because we might be  getting a song  inspired by their split recall her last song. Obsessed was inspired by a conversation she embraced had and he   confirmed it on the sway reality show. 

Well recently Addison posted what seems  to be lyrics for her next track but it’s mostly scribbled out with a pen    tool or something but one line wasn’t hidden too well and reads quote. There’s no more us so of course fans are connecting this to the Bryce breakup. I guess we’ll have to find out when the   song comes out but all right to KSI now because he finally reacted to the Jake Paul Ben Askram fight he gave Jake props    and credit for knocking down Ben but he also thinks Ben was in no shape   to fight someone like Jake in the first   place  and that he didn’t train properly for  the match. KSI also confirms to fans that   he is training hard and will certainly fight Jake once he feels   settled with his music   so hopefully we’ll see Jake and KSI’s    fight sometime    in  2022.

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