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Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj embraced parenthood last year as they welcomed a daughter during the pandemic. The couple has named their baby girl Nevaeh and celebrated her first birthday on July 28 with a low-key celebration. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, the couple opened up about parenthood and sharing duties equally. Excerpts:

How is it being a parent during the pandemic?
It’s been a blessing as we got time to spend together as a family. It’s just a delight to watch Nevaeh grow and achieve each milestone. I’m grateful for the time we have together.

The best thing about motherhood is…
Knowing that our daughter has chosen us to be the caretaker of her soul during this lifetime. It is a massive responsibility but I feel honoured to have this angel by my side every single day and I am dedicated to nurturing and supporting her on her journey. Motherhood is so powerful and it teaches you so much–from resilience to patience to the enormity of your heart; it’s a beautiful journey to be on. We feel incredibly blessed.

One thing that changed after becoming a father?
I think I’ve become more patient as that’s a very important virtue to have. There are a lot of sacrifices a parent has to make to raise a child. And kudos to Nin as she does much more than me and it’s so heartwarming to see her blossom as a mother and enter a new journey together.

How did you celebrate Nevaeh’s first birthday?
We wanted her to experience nature and get used to the outdoors as we both love nature. So it was a small but intimate celebration for her in nature.

Is it a conscious decision to keep Nevaeh away from social media?
Yes it is. As our daughter is extremely precious to us, we want to keep her away from the illusion of social media for as long as possible.

How have Aftab and you distributed mommy-daddy duties?
We try to parent equally. We never spoke about dividing the duties, we just did things as a team and what came naturally and instinctively to us. We both do nappies, playing, bath time, comforting her. We enjoy sharing the experience of parenthood. We make sure we’re in nature a lot and go for walks because it’s good for all of us and for Nevaeh to see the world that she is in.

One thing you noticed that has changed in Aftab since he became a father?
I think Aftab probably feels more responsible now that he has a daughter; we both do. He has become more present and patient as you have to when you have a little one crawling everywhere.

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