Alaya F says she became unfit and weak by the end of the first lockdown

Alaya F like all of us had a tough time dealing with the pandemic. While the first pandemic made her feel clueless and she lost control over herself, the second one gave her the space to simply focus on her health and get back on track. Talking about the first lockdown last year, she said, “When the lockdown was announced no one knew that it would go on and on for a long time. So towards the end of the first lockdown I had become unfit and a lot weaker.”

She further spoke about how it was different in 2021. She said, “This time around, it became more about taking care of my physical health. I did a lot of yoga, which in a way also gave me mental peace.” 

She added, “It was important I did peaceful things as you watched news you could only see such heartbreaking stories. It was earth shattering, so much, that I refrained from being active on social media as it felt insensitive and disrespectful.”

Alaya concluded by saying, “It was time one shut the outside world and took good care of themselves. The second wave was very devastating and hit people very badly.” 

Alaya F

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