Amyra Dastur: We cannot afford another lockdown | Bollywood

Even with the looming threat of a third wave of the pandemic, shoots have resumed and Amyra Dastur only hopes that everyone is being cautious. The actor reveals that she’s yet to restart shoot on her projects, as makers aren’t very keen right now.

“It looks quite dicey,” Dastur continues, “I know things are opening up but a lot of people are still not really shooting. They still prefer to work from home. There are some big films that are wrapping up the patch work. There are projects I was supposed to announce last month, but now it’s pushed. Makers are uncertain whether we’ll be allowed to shoot properly. Also what happens when cases rise and the third wave sets in?”

Dastur, 28, feels that another reason why makers aren’t taking a step towards resuming all shoots is because of the uncertainty about reopening of cinemas.

“We cannot afford another lockdown. It becomes difficult in the middle of projects. If a shoot starts and then there’s a lockdown, it’ll escalate the costs and the producers are going to lose their money. So until and unless we get an idea about when the theatres will reopen, people aren’t ready to take the risk of starting a new project,” explains the actor.

Personally, the year began on a good note for Dastur as she had two projects that came out — web series Tandav and theatrical film Koi Jaane Na. She also shot for a music video in Kashmir but acting work has come to a standstill.

“It’s easy for people to say, ‘Oh, we’re unlocking. But we need to be safe. I think there’ll be a lull till September at least. I’ve been told that projects will commence shoots from December onwards. The only thing I’ll say is that the vaccination process should be faster now, so that we all feel safe to step out and work,” she ends.

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