Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can’t keep their hands off each other

Actor Ben Affleck and singer Jennifer Lopez have rekindled their noughties relationship, according to various reports.

Affleck and Lopez were recently snapped kissing during a dinner at a Malibu restaurant, reported Page Six. There are multiple photos of the couple getting cozy during what seemed to be a family gathering.

Apparently, the celebratory dinner was for Jennifer Lopez’s sister Linda’s 50th birthday. While at one point, the couple were busy staring deep into each other’s eyes, in another image doing the rounds, the lovebirds were captured whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

Lopez and Affleck were said to be engaged back in 2002, but things didn’t work out at the time, and the pair ended up going their separate ways.

The reports of their romance first hit the internet in April, weeks after Jennifer Lopez parted ways with Alex Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck was previously said to be dating Cuban actress Ana de Armas.

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