Bolly Buzz: Raj Kundra reportedly paid Rs 25 lakh to avoid arrest in pornography case, Priyamani’s marriage controversy with Mustafa Raj | Hindi Movie News

From the latest on the Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra case to the controversy surrounding actress Priyamani’s marriage, here are the biggest newsmakers of the day by the latest edition of Bolly Buzz.

Yash Thakur alleged that Raj Kundra bribed the Crime Branch with Rs 25 lakh to avoid arrest in the ongoing pornography case. The Anti-Corruption Bureau had even forwarded the complaint to the Mumbai police chief’s office in April but the city officers have refused to comment on the same. Meanwhile, reportedly, Raj had a plan in place to launch another app after ‘Hotshots’ was blocked on the app store. Calling the app a ‘blessing’ a set of chats that went viral allegedly have Kundra saying, “…Plan B started max 2-3 weeks the new app will be live iOS and Android it’s a blessing.”

Poonam Pandey claimed that Kundra and his associates leaked her personal mobile number writing, ‘Call me now, I will strip for you’, when she decided to terminate her contract with them. Levying serious allegations against Kundra, she said, “I was threatened and forced to sign a contract which stated — I have to shoot, pose and look a certain way according to their will or else, they’d leak all of my personal stuff.”

On the other hand, Marathi actor Umesh Kamat got tangled in this case owing to mistaken identity. Taking to social media, the actor slammed media houses for defaming him and using his image for another Umesh Kamat accused in the ongoing Raj Kundra case. Threatening action, he also clarified, ” UMESH KAMAT” alleged to be involved in the Raj Kundra case is, not me. I request you all to take note of the same and not fall for the absolute false and negligent news coverage.”

‘The Family Man’ star Priyamani has found her marriage to Mustafa Raj contested in court. Mustafa’s first wife, Ayesha, has filed a criminal case against the couple, claiming that he has not separated from her legally till date and hence their marriage is illegal. Added to this, she has even filed a case of Domestic Violence against Mustafa in the Magistrate Court.

Meanwhile, Rhea Chakraborty is likely looking for international opportunities. The actress, who was in the spotlight throughout 2020 due to the tragic demise of her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput, is trying to get her life back on track and according to the latest reports, she is doing so far away from Bollywood. According to sources “Three of the top international casting companies are in conversation with Rhea currently. She hasn’t made up her mind as to which one of those she will finalise, but she has kept her options open as of now.”

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