Bollywood Movies With Huge Age Gap Between Lead Couples.

1. Laxmii :- The recently released movie Laxmii saw a fresh pairing of Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani; but there is a huge age gap between them. Bollywood Movies With Huge Age Gap Between Lead Couples. Akshay Kumar is currently 53 years old while Kiara Advani is just 28 now and she played Akshay’s better half’s role.

2. Sultan :- In Sultan, we spotted the pairing of Anushka Sharma and Salman Khan and frankly Anushka looked too young for Salman. When the film was made, Salman Khan was 50 years old and Anushka Sharma was just 28 years.

3. Singh is Bling :- This comedy movie was another film, where Akshay Kumar chose to get casted opposite a young actress, Amy Jackson. When the movie was released, Akshay Kumar was 48 years old and Amy Jackson was just 23.

4. Zero :- Shah Rukh Khan acted opposite two stunning heroines of Bollywood, Katrina and Anushka in Zero. SRK’s age was 52 when Zero released.  But Katrina was 34 and Anushka was 30 years old.

5. Housefull 4 :- Akshay Kumar again chose to play a role opposite a very young actress, Kriti Sanon, in Housefull 4. Kriti Sanon was just 29 years old when she played the love interest of 52 years old Akshay Kumar.

6. Dabangg :- Salman Khan launched Sonakshi Sinha through his movie Dabangg, where Sonakshi was his love interest. Sonakshi was almost half of Salman Khan’s age when she played his wife’s role and looked too young for him.

7. No Entry :- One of the successful movies of Bollywood, No Entry too had an odd pairing of Anil Kapoor’s and Lara Dutta’s. Anil Kapoor was back then 48 years old while his actress, stunning Lara Dutta was just 27 back then.

8. Entertainment :- Akshay Kumar’s name is coming up again and again in this list because of his choice of actresses. In Entertainment too he got casted opposite Tamannah Bhatia who was then half of her age, only 24.

9. 2. 0 :- This was definitely the most ridiculous film for casting Rajinikanth opposite Amy Jackson, who is clearly younger than his daughter. The superstar was then 67 years old when 2. 0 was made, and Amy was just 26 years old back then.

10. Robot :- 59 years old Rajinikanth was casted opposite 37 year old Aishwarya Rai in Robot movie and looked strange together.

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