Celina Jaitly shares throwback photo with her twins, recalls being trolled for ‘child neglect and impossible body’

Actor Celina Jaitly was recently in the news after reports suggested that she was approached by Raj Kundra for Hotshots, an app that is at the centre of the pornography case that the businessman has been arrested in regard with. However, Celina’s spokesperson issued a statement rubbishing the reports and stated that she was contacted for Shilpa Shetty’s app JL Streams and not Hotshots. 

Now, Celina is making headlines yet again after she shared a photo on her Instagram handle remembering how she was trolled for “child neglect and impossible body” when she had shared a picture of herself with her first set of twins –Winston and Viraaj, years ago.

The photo which is from nine years ago was shot for a magazine, as mentioned by Celina in her post.  

In her post, while stating she “never understood why she was trolled”, Celina said that before one jumps to conclusions about someone, they should remember a picture may be perfect but behind it sometimes are stories of many imperfections and challenges. 

Here’s Celina’s full post: 

“@facebook brought up this picture from @stardustmagazineindia edition 9 years ago and along with it a lot of memories. At that time while I thought I was sharing one of the most blessed times of my life, I was surprised to be trolled tremendously on social media (for child neglect & impossible body) published in the magazine by then editor @ramkamalmukherjee.

In reality me & my 1 month old twins were actually enjoying a very rare, cool but sunny day by our poolside in Dubai, I was still recovering from my C- section twin childbirth & the babies were kicking about their legs feeling free during one of the hottest months of Dubai.

I never understood why I was trolled. If you are overweight they troll you, if you look great they troll you, how your baby kicks about freely was termed as child neglect, without ever giving a break to the mother who is constantly judged. Why must anyone even feel entitled to guess reasons behind every thing someone like me does which is not according to their preconceived notions.

I took great care of myself during pregnancy as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, hence in order to protect my babies I followed a very strict diet & exercise routine under doctors supervision. This in turn lead to me being healthier then ever before post the birth of my 1st set of twins. Why was I being judged ?? The twin who is on the mat (@winstonjhaag ) the doctors suspected dysplasia of the hip in twins (a condition which happens in multiple births), hence we always looked for opportunities to let him freely kick to keep an eye on the condition, however I was immensely harassed for apparently “neglecting” him by putting him next to me on the mat.

Before we jump to conclusions about someone please do remember a picture may be perfect but behind it sometimes are stories of many imperfections and challenges overcome with great tenacity. At that time I didn’t want to distract myself away from the joy of my first motherhood but the evoking of that memory today told me to definitely share this story. I wish people would understand that there’s no way to be a perfect mother & a million ways to be a good one.

#celinajaitly #momoftwins.”

Soon after Celina shared the photo with the heartfelt note, social media users took to the comments section to express their disbelief that she was trolled for the picture years ago. A section of users lauded her for sharing her story and hoped that people will be less judgemental nad more compassionate. 

“Thank you for sharing your story!! Hope people will be less judgemental and more compassionate towards each other! Your fan from Nepal!! I am a mom too and I follow Viraj for his art tips!! Lots of love to your family!!” wrote an Instagram user. 

“Thank you for this post. And for putting your authentic self out there. Each thinks that walking in the others’ shoes may be a piece of cake but each has their own set of hurdles to trudge through….a personal journey to trek.We need to call out the trollers for the constant judging. In this ‘imperfect’ picture is a perfect example of motherhood and reality,” commented another user. 

Celina tied the knot with hotelier Peter Haag and the couple welcomed their first set of twins Winston and Viraaj in 2012. In 2017, Celina gave birth to twin boys again, but unfortunately one of them couldn’t survive. 

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