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Remakes continue to be the flavour of the season and one wonders if makers have run out of ideas. While a section of their fraternity can put up a case that they have a lot of good, original content- it cannot be denied that a remake is often at the back of a filmmaker’s mind- be it even a German or Spanish one.

Anyway, to get to the bottom of this story or rather to start it, ETimes brings you a scoop straight from producer Manmohan Shetty’s office wherein the plan to remake the 1989 ‘Chaalbaaz‘ was set up. Alia Bhatt was asked to do Sridevi‘s role but the project did not fall in place for some reason.

This morning, a film called ‘Chaalbaaz In London’ starring Shraddha Kapoor was announced and tongues were wagging that it is a remake of the Sridevi-led blockbuster for two reasons- the director is the same who handled the Sridevi film (Pankaj Parashar), Shraddha Kapoor has a double role and the title has Chaalbaaz word in it. Parashar however had categorically said that he is not making a remake. Note well, ETimes has it from Parashar that he was not on board or a part of the discussions that happened in Shetty’s office.

Manmohan Shetty, when contacted, said that the rights of ‘Chaalbaaz’ belong to Jayantilal Gada.

ETimes snooped around and learned that Shetty does not have the remake rights of ‘Chaalbaaz’ anymore. The rights originally belonged to Gada. Shetty had purchased it from him and given him a good signing amount. But the deal was that Shetty had to start the film in 6 months which he could not. If Shetty failed to do so, the agreement further said, the rights would go back to Gada.

Shetty, on the phone, added that his daughter Pooja would throw more light on the matter. We tried reaching Pooja but she did not attend our calls and simply said over SMS she was busy at a luncheon. We waited for 6 hours before going online- but till then, Pooja did not get back.

Gada, on the other hand, remained unavailable for comment. We understand as he’s recuperating after a cardiac surgery performed on him a few days ago (read that story above; ETimes had broken it) , wherein a pacemaker was fitted in his heart. Buzz was that the producer-distributor in question had fainted in his office and had to be rushed to a hospital, he was discharged and returned home after a few days.

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