Chin2: Being a father is the primary reason I stepped into music education

On the occasion of World Parents` Day, Asha Bhosle`s grandson, singer Chin2 Bhosle shares his parenting experience. Bhosle, who is also the guru of Furtados School of Music, shares how being patient has helped him to become a better guru.

Says Chin2, “If I were to look back, being a father is perhaps the primary reason I stepped into the field of music education! My professional life was a bit of a roller coaster – shows, recordings, compositions, songs, appearances, travel… And when there was time at home, it would be father-daughter madness (until my son was born, then it doubled). We would talk to each other as if we were in a musical or if she saw me strumming, I would indulge her and let her strum a bit (when with me holding the chords – the tough part!). Then came her school annual day and we didn`t have a drummer for the Junior School band and I looked at Mishka (my daughter), who had never played the drums and said would you play the drums on stage for 8 minutes? And she said, “Sure!” And it was one of the most rocking performances junior school had ever seen!! BIS – We will rock you – FYI.”

Chin2 Bhosle (Photo/PR)

He further continues, “This got me thinking… Why can`t every child get access to music in a simple yet engaging way? What does it take to motivate a child? And how can I ensure that they really have fun learning such a complex subject? My daughter gets it thanks to me but wouldn`t it be lovely if every child could similarly be touched by music!”

Further talking about his grandmother-legendary singer, Asha Bhosle, Chin2 says, “Like many working parents, Aai (Ashaji) has had the tough task of being a parent plus a working woman. It`s the toughest thing to be torn between two loves, love for your music and love for your kids. But I think she`s managed it admirably and in fact, with flying colours! Her unending energy is what has made it seem so seamless and effortless. After a hard day of work (recording or rehearsals), she would come home to her family and with the utmost love and without batting an eyelid whip up their favourite meal. There has to be some kind of divine strength to be able to do that, day in and day out and I`ve realised that this strength comes from not just being a parent but from passion. Her attitude towards the things she loves means that she will always give a 100&#37 to it and that`s the greatest inspiration for me. Be passionate, from your soul – the rest is a breeze.”

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