Chunky Panday opens up on how Ananya Panday is dealing with grandmother’s death

Chunky Panday has revealed that his children, Ananya Panday and Rysa have been deeply affected by the death of their grandmother Snehlata Panday. He went on to say that sometimes, the siblings “are uncontrollable” and have been unable to deal with the loss. “My mom was the backbone of the family and now, at home, it’s like a vacuum. It is an unexplainable loss. But I want to celebrate my mother’s life as she lived a great life. Both my kids, Ananya and Rysa, were so close to their daadi (grandmother). Since they are young and tender, her demise has really affected them. They are yet to come to terms with the fact that their grandma is no more. At times, they are uncontrollable, but I try to be strong and make them understand that their grandma led a great life and now we have to continue her legacy,” Chunky told a leading daily.

“My mother’s journey is inspiring and incredible. She was born with a rare heart defect in Pakistan, six or seven years before the India-Pakistan partition; she was not supposed to live beyond her age of 10 or 15 but she actually lived till 85 and how! She was always happy; I never saw her sad in her life,” he went on to add.

Ananya Panday

Snehlata Panday took her last breath on July 10th. 

“She inspired me every single day to do what I love and I’m so grateful to have grown up basking in her energy and light. She had the softest hands to hold, gave the best leg massages, she was a self proclaimed (and very politically incorrect) palm reader and never ever failed to make me laugh. The life of our family. You’re too loved to ever be forgotten Dadi – I love you so much,” Ananya had shared on Instagram.

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