Did you know that Salman Khan’s ‘Tere Naam’ hairstyle has a Padmini Kolhapure connection?- Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Salman Khan was fantastic in ‘Tere Naam’ (which released in 2003) and Himesh Reshammiya‘s music in the film was the cherry on the cake. The maker Satish Kaushik was smiling from ear to ear as the film did roaring business and still has repeat value.

What also caught the eye in ‘Tere Naam’ was the new hairdo given to Salman. In no time, it has become a hot favourite- with young boys wanting to ape it. But bet you didn’t know that hairdo has a Padmini Kolhapure connection!

Satish Kaushik and Padmini’s husband Tutu Sharma (who has produced ‘Black Friday’ among many other films and is now busy with the Taapsee Pannu starrer ‘Blurr’- being currently shot in Nainital- wherein he has collaborated with Pranjal Khandhdiya) are very close friends. They hang out together very often, and in those days, Tutu had the hairstyle that Salman was given in ‘Tere Naam’ (see the picture above).

We spoke to Tutu yesterday and he initially laughed it off, saying, “Not really, ” but quickly added, “I had hair like that in those days and Satish had seen it. He used to say he likes it.” When asked if Kaushik had mentioned it to him that he had used a similar hairstyle for Salman in ‘Tere Naam’, Tutu said, “Maybe it played at the back of his mind (when he started Tere Naam’)”. Did Kaushik not tell him about it? Replied Tutu, “Haan, mazaak mazaak mein Satish bolta tha aisa.”

This was casually felt by Satish and Tutu’s common friend in the industry, Rajesh Vasani (the man who holds the rights of ‘Satte Pe Satta’), who broached the subject with them again yesterday.

So, that’s that! Now you know where Salman’s long greasy locks hairdo in ‘Tere Naam’ came from (see the said picture again)!

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