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A video of Dilip Kumar’s lookalike visiting the thespian’s Bandra home has gone viral. Dilip Kumar Parmar, the lookalike in question, tells us that it was taken in 2019 when he had got an opportunity to meet Saira Banu. He said, “Our lookalike association president Arif Khan had called me to Mumbai for an award function and there I met a senior makeup artiste Anwar Bhai who took to me Dilip saab’s house. Saira Banu didn’t want me to meet Dilip saab as his health was not good. But after my photograph was sent to her, we got a message that Dilip saab ko andar bulao (call Dilip Kumar inside) and it was the biggest compliment I have got in my entire life. I got the opportunity to meet her; she blessed me and asked how much did I love Dilip Kumar. When I told her, she went, “Mujhse zyaada pyaar nahi kar sakte (you can’t love him more than me); my eyes welled up”.

But the entire household including those at their residence and the police officials stationed at the house took selfies with me and some of them even said, “After a really long time, we can see Dilip saab walking around the house; it touched me that I could bring some good memories back for them,” he added with a twinkle in his eye. Dilip Kumar Parmar’s connection with the legendary Dilip Kumar dates back to his childhood in Ahmedabad. He said, “My father was born on the same day as Dilip Kumar, and I was named Dilip by my father but nobody realised that I looked like him till we went to watch a movie featuring him. I was young and had not watched any movie but my father took me to watch ‘Bairaag’ which had released around the kite festival. Once we got out of the theatre, I ran to catch a kite and my father caught me and almost slapped me when the security guard of the theatre stopped him and told him that I resembled Dilip Kumar. I guess it was Dilip Kumar who saved me from getting slapped by my father”.

Dilip Kumar Parmar excelled in studies, played cricket and was also a qualified umpire but chose to become an artiste. He said, “I started working in an orchestra as a singer, and also worked as a mimicry artiste till one day, my name was announced on a show to perform as Dilip Kumar’s son Nayan in ‘Ladd Jaiye Toh Manwa‘. I somehow managed to do it and there has been no looking back after that. I managed to perform but one cannot become Dilip Kumar; I just did my bit to entertain those who loved Dilip Kumar”.

Dilip Kumar Parmar has now been getting more offers to perform as Dilip Kumar, and, at present, is in Indore which has a huge fan base of Dilip Kumar. “I am getting more calls for performance as those who haven’t got a chance to meet or see him are happy to see me perform as him and I feel it is my honour to be a lookalike of Dilip Kumar,” he signs off.

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