Explosive email reveals HotShots wanted artists to go topless for project ‘Khwaab’, details inside

An email by the controversial company ‘Hotshots’ that is at the centre of the Raj Kundra pornography case, requesting a ‘bold’ video from creators Paras Randhawa and Jyoti Thakur has come to the fore. 

The content head of HotShots listed out details of their upcoming project titled ‘Khwaab’ in an email dated August 14, 2020, sent at 5:25 pm to Paras Randhawa and Jyoti Thakur. Elaborating on the project, the HotShots representative listed out guidelines on how the shooting will be done and at what angle the camera will be placed. The email also mentioned that the lead actress starring in the bold videos should be willing to go topless and expose her back to the camera. 

In the email, technical aspects and requirements such as the final movie will be in MP4, portrait posters will be of different sizes have been carefully listed along with marketing details like separate bold posters for social media, some normal posters along with landscape ones are also mentioned. Apart from all this, the time frame of the teasers for their project ‘Khwaab’ was also mentioned in detail which is as follows:

– First, there will be a 15-second normal teaser- Then, a 60-90 second bold trailer will be uploaded to the application- Next, non-bold video songs of 2 to 3 minutes will follow

In the email, it is further written that if the Hotshots team approves of the video made by Paras Randhawa and Jyoti Thakur, then it will be purchased and the duo will be paid Rs 3,00,000. In addition, all its rights and intellectual property rights will remain with HotShots. However, if the team doesn’t like it, the creators can sell the video elsewhere.

After the technical details, the next part of the email lists details on the casting of the female lead in the video. It requires the full profile of the female lead to be sent to the HotShot team and mentions that only after approval of the HotShots team can the video be shot with the female artist. It is mentioned that the artist should have a strong presence on social media. Additionally, in the email, it’s written that the artist should be willing to do bold scenes (front topless and full-back nude scene).

According to police sources, such contracts have been made with multiple people. The email, sent by HotShot’s content team, is to an artist who has worked in TV and Bollywood and who was about to be a part of Kundra’s “Khwaab” project. This has been mentioned by Kundra in his WhatsApp chat.

For the uninitiated, Raj Kundra was arrested by Mumbai Police on Monday (July 19) for allegedly being a ‘key conspirator’ and ‘mastermind’ in a case related to the production and publishing of pornographic films through mobile apps. 

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