Gehana Vasisth said THIS about Shilpa Shetty’s statement on HotShots app

Actor Gehana Vasisth who had earlier issued a statement claiming that the HotShots consisted of erotica or bold content and not porn has now come out in support of Shilpa Shetty. After Raj Kundra’s arrest late on July 19 in relation to the creation of pornographic films, crime branch officials on Saturday (July 24) came knocking at the Shilpa Shetty’s Juhu residence and reportedly questioned her over knowledge of her husband’s involvement in the case.

As per ANI, Shilpa told Mumbai Police that ‘erotica is different from porn’ and Raj wasn’t involved in producing porn content. She also reportedly said she wasn’t aware of the contents of HotShots app. Now, in a recent interview, speaking in favour of Shilpa, Gehana maintains that the app didn’t have porn films.

“Shilpa is correct. The Hotshots app never had any content that could be classified as pornography. How can someone be associated with something that just does not exist. I believe Shilpa is correct when she’s saying that she didn’t know anything about the Hotshots app, this is based on my personal knowledge. As far as I know, Hotshots has never made any porn film, ever. Those were bold films, erotic films, hot films, but none of them were porn films,” Gehana told ETimes.

Gehana Vasisth aka Vandana Tiwari had earlier issued a statement after Raj’s arrest. It read, “The law will take its course. We have full faith in the Mumbai police, but they should not mix up porn with erotica or bold content. We have always said that the Mumbai police is the best force in the world. The courts will eventually decide during the trial as to who are the real culprits and which of the arrested accused were merely used, by others (sic).” 

The statement further read, “We don’t want to comment anymore, as Gehana is on bail in the same cases and she does not want to prejudice or impair her right to her personal defence. However, police should investigate fully as there are many more skeletons in the cupboards of the rich and famous (sic).”

In February, Gehana Vasisth was arrested by the property cell of the Mumbai crime branch in a connection with the same online pornographic racket case. Gehana is currently out on bail. 

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