Henry Cavill Fans Rejoice! The Witcher 3 Is Reportedly On & The Work Has Already Begun

Even Before The Release Of Season 2, The Witcher 3 has caught Netflix’s Attention(Photo Credit: Imdb)

December 2019 was when Henry Cavill, after years, shed his Superman image and became the man that the world dread, The Witcher. The actor embodies Geralt of Rivia for Netflix and in no time became one of the most sought-after fictional characters in the OTT world. While the season 2 release date is out, there are now updates about the season 3 already floating. Yes, there is a season 3 too.

If you are unaware, The Witcher has become a lucrative property for Netflix and there is no way they aren’t juicing out this opportunity to its maximum. The show that hit the shores 2 years before the official release of the second season is the streaming giant’s most-watched original web series.

So with that, the little birdies now say the studio is moving faster and swift to not let the momentum disappear and they make more of this fantasy world. Read on to know everything you should about this exciting update of the day.

As per the latest reports in We Got This Covered, the preparations on The Witcher 3 have already begun the behind-the-scenes. The portal claims that the team has started work in the writing and some more aspects. Not just that, majority of the team is carried forward from season 2. There is no confirmation on this from Netflix or from any cast members, but the buzz is strong.

Meanwhile, recently talking about Geralt Of Rivia from The Witcher 2 as per Games Radar Henry Cavill said, “I thought it best he speaks less because it looks like he thinks more. That was the intention then,” the show now moves towards Geralt’s ancestral home of Kaer Morhen, Cavill felt a change was required.

“But in the season 2 scenario, he is in Kaer Morhen, his home space, amongst the people he knows, and, in my opinion, I was to be verbose and be intellectual because that is what he is. He’s not a brute. It is very easy to fall down the line of him being the grumpy snowman and there is a comedy aspect to that, and I wanted to lean away from it in Season 2,” The Witcher star Henry Cavill added.

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