how to get lost property papers back: What to do if you have lost property papers

If the owner does not have the registration details in hand, they can search for the details at the sub-registrar office and then submit the application.


Losing the property documents can result in a nightmare for the owner. Without having an original title deed, an individual will find it difficult to make any financial transactions such as buying, selling, or taking a loan. However, legal experts advise that losing property papers is not the end of the road. Given below are the steps an owner can take.

Title deed papers or property documents as they are popularly called, are easily the most important set of papers when it comes to claiming the ownership of a property. The owner of the property should always have these in their custody. These documents are required to make any financial transaction involving the property, including buying, selling or taking a loan. Losing these documents can be a nightmarish experience.

“If you lose your

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