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After investing two years in her relationship with Ssharad Malhotra, Poojaa Bisht had touched a low. She hardly had any work to talk about. But, as they say, when the going gets tough the tough get going. Gathering herself, she rose to face the world. It wasn’t easy mind you, and from the video you might not estimate how hurt she was, you see she’s putting up a brave front. Easy to say and difficult to experience, but time is a healer of sorts. We repeat, of sorts.

Poojaa gave herself two music videos, two web shows and a Telugu movie. Today, she is a different person. Ask her about it and she gracefully puts forth, “I think the partner doesn’t tell you to invest so much time in him as you end up doing. It is you who wants to do it. Equations change as people change and you realise the mistakes you committed in being a giver.”

See the video below to know how Pooja’s career has finally taken off on a promising note:

Today, Pooja wouldn’t like to put the blame of the delayed start to her career on Sharad Malhotra. She says he is happily married (to Ripci) and she has also moved on. “I am much happier now than then,” she insists.

As we spoke, Pooja also revealed that one more thing went against her till date. “I am told that I am too glamorous and look too hot. Even my friends can’t imagine me in the role of a simple girl. But I have finally proved with my web shows that I can pull off a simpleton’s part. I had to speak with a Harvyanvi accent in one of the shows. The show is ‘Raktanchal Season 2’, the other one is called ‘Flawed’.”

During the conversation we touch upon the fact that certain film, web and TV show makers of today are obsessed with the Instagram numbers of the cast they choose. More the number of followers you have, greater is the chance for you to acquire an acting assignment. She even confirms that there are people who can raise your Insta count by taking a hefty amount from you. “Anybody would be driven to think if he or she should bite the bait, but I am fine with my real followers,” she concludes.

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