Jeff Bezos Announces He will go to space

Amazon ceo Jeff Bezos announcing this morning that he is going to space. He’s not going along, he’s taking his brother with them. They’re going to take off next month. He’s going to be aboard this New Shepard capsule this is a part of his company the blue origin company. His space tourism company he’s been working on for the past decade is going to take six people up he announced this morning. He is going to be one of them, six people up that was the plan they’ve actually been bidding had an auction for one seat it’s up to 2.8 million dollars. For that one seat somebody has bid on to be on board didn’t know that Jeff Bezos was going to be sitting next to him now this thing if you can make it out here it has these huge windows here each person gets their own seat with their own window. That they’ll be able to look out when they go up now how long is Jeff Bezos going to be gone.  

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