Kangana Ranaut says ‘kings’ have right to ‘hear what their subjects are talking’, adds she is not talking about Pegasus | Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut penned a lengthy note on how ‘kings’ have the ‘right, prerogative and business’ to keep an eye on the people. Her comments come amid reports that several journalists, politicians and others were targeted with the Pegasus spyware, which can secretly activate a phone’s camera and microphone, as well as access messages, photos, emails and other data on the device. However, she added a disclaimer that she was not talking about the Pegasus leak.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Kangana Ranaut said that ‘kings’ adopting certain measures to understand the pulse of the people dates back to ‘ancient times’ and was even practised in the Ramayana. “Even in ancient times greatest kings used to disguise and secretly visit the remotest parts of their country, people and their homes to know to hear what their subjects talking or discussing, this exercise is a part of administration, biggest example is in Ramayana, during one such visit lord Rama got to know about Maa Sita’s perception among general people when he heard them secretly,” she wrote.

“No big deal if the king wants to know about antisocial element’s whereabouts or general issues of people and their mindset ….it is his right, prerogative and business to keep his eyes and ears open…. So hyenas stop crying foul and No I am not talking about #pegasus Ha ha ha,” she added.

Kangana Ranaut on Instagram Stories.

Earlier this year, Kangana’s Twitter account was permanently suspended after her posts on the aftermath of the West Bengal assembly elections were found to be in violation of the platform’s policies. In a statement, she called her ban proof of the entitlement of ‘white’ people to ‘enslave a brown person’.

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Kangana has been using Instagram since then. However, in several posts, she has made her dislike of the photo-sharing platform very clear. In May, she said that it would be a ‘badge of honour’ for her to be banned by Instagram. Last month, she said that the platform has ‘no scope for any conversations and exchange of ideas’. “I am not interested in your clothes and skin I want to see deeper I want to see your mind and intellect,” she added.

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