Kendall Jenner Shades Selena Gomez Over A Dress?

Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian is following in  Kendall Jenner footsteps  after becoming a billionaire. Kim Kardashian now because she just hit the big old billy forbes confirmed that Kim has jumped from an  estimated net worth of 780 million  dollars. Billionaire status much thanks to her cosmetics line  kkw beauty and her skim’s brand. How Kim sold a piece of her kkw  beauty company new Cody cosmetics well  forbs says Kim’s remaining 72  stake is worth around 500 million on its  own. 

On top of this tmz reports Kim is  following kylie’s lead and getting in  the skin care game  the site reports Kim might be calling it  skin by Kim but skin  is spelled skkn. TMZ  also adds that Kim  is looking to put her name on products  for skin hair nails and some fragrances  but all right she said Kendall Jenner and  Selena Gomez drama or at least  fan drama some people noticed on Easter  Kendall wore the same dress  Selena wore. 

Kendall Jenner pulling off this dress  better than anyone else  apparently Kendall quote tweeted and  deleted the following had to take it from set  heart emoji for some fans this came off  as super shady  and of course others were also quick to  point out Kendall’s friendship to Haley  bieber.  However, I honestly doubt Kendall has any ill will towards  Selena so it could all  just be a big misunderstanding  perhaps Kendall made the comment without  realizing the original tweet’s caption and deleted it because she finally got  it perhaps  Kanye accidentally borrowed her phone. let’s stop thinking of the worst in  people and just wait for mason disick to  spill the tea  in his next tick tock live stream he’s  always on the money.

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