Kim Young Dae’s agency reveals TRUTH about his departure from ‘School 2021’

The ‘Penthouse’ actor Kim Young Dae’s exit from ‘School 2021’ created a storm on the internet after it was described as “one-sided and without negotiation” by the KBS channel on July 23, and the actor was eventually blamed for the show’s production delay.

Following the announcement, Kim Young Dae’s agency, OUTERKOREA, now responded with a lengthy statement revealing why the actor opted to terminate his lead role contract, exposing all the behind-the-scenes alleged issues caused by the show’s production firm, King’s Media (now KINGSLAND).

In conclusion, it claimed that due to King’s Media failed to move through with the production, KBS had to cancel the show’s launch at one time. According to the agency, the production business comforted the parties concerned, by producing a press release article indicating that the premiere had been postponed to August 2021.

“We made it clear to KINGSLAND that there is no reason for us to renew the contract with them and that we do not wish to continue working with them. Please note that by this point in time, we had lost trust in this ‘new’ production company as it cancelled meetings and script readings multiple times. KINGSLAND, however, continued to push for Kim Young Dae to sign new contracts with them. They allowed press release articles to be published, claiming that Kim Young Dae is staying on the show — before any actual binding contracts, without our consent,” Soompi quoted OUTERKOREA.

The agency revealed disappointment that KBS included Kim Young Dae in the confusion, while the production company is technically responsible for School 2021’s production failure.

Soon after this, OUTERKOREA requested to media and fans to refrain from circulating false information about the situation and to refrain from making hateful comments. “Reporters and fans, please. Kim Young Dae and the agency are receiving so much backlash based on the articles that do not share the truth”, said the agency in their recent statement.

The agency added that “We don’t regret having chosen School 2021. We wanted Kim Young Dae to build good relationships with new directors, broadcasting stations, and production companies. It is because of the production company’s unreasonable, unacceptable problems that we have decided to terminate the lead role contract and drop out of the show. We can only hope that KBS and KINGSLAND will figure out a solution for what has happened thus far and compensate us in the fairest way possible.”

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