Mira Rajput and Neliima Azeem team up against Shahid Kapoor for his full attention: ‘Listen to us with your eyes’ | Bollywood

Mira Rajput and Neliima Azeem are demanding Shahid Kapoor‘s attention in a new home video which has been recorded by Ishaan Khatter. In a video shared on Instagram on Tuesday, Mira, Shahid, and Neliima were seen in between a conversation. Mira and Neliima were heard complaining that Shahid wasn’t paying enough attention.

The video begins with a close of Mira Rajput’s face before the camera turns towards Neliima Azeem. “You didn’t hear it in context na Sasha because you guys when you’re on your phone, you don’t hear anything in context,” Neliima Azeem is heard telling Shahid Kapoor while he is busy on the phone.

Soon, Mira Rajput chips in to add, “You have to listen to us with your eyes, Sasha.” Ishaan Khatter was seen holding the camera and recording the moment before he pans to a mirror and smiles for the camera. “#HomeVideos Put down your phones Also @ishaankhatter literally documenting our lives even while we sleep #familia #bts #that70sshow,” Mira captioned the video.

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Fans took to the comments section and reacted to the post. “I love this family,” a fan said. “Pretty you @mira.kapoor,” added another. “(Ishaan) can we all see more of your documentary?” a fan requested. “Ishan is looking like a small kid,” a fourth fan said.

Mira had shared a home video a few weeks ago that featured Ishaan. In the video, the duo was seen laying on the bed while they spoke about dark chocolate and chikki. “This is a home video,” she informed fans as she played with the camera. On the same day, Ishaan had locked Mira out of the house and refused to open the door.

Mira and Shahid have been married for six years now. The couple shares two children, a daughter Misha and a son Zain.

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