Most Lavish vanity Vans of Bollywood Celebrities :

Vanity Vans of Bollywood Celebrities

1. Shah Rukh Khan :- King Khan’s Vanity Van is designed by Dilip Chhabria and it even has a small kitchen along with other modern amenities. The exact cost of this lavish vanity van is around 5 to 6 crores approx.

2. Deepika Padukone :- Bangalore based popular interior designer, Vinita Chaitanya designed the interior for Bollywood Celebrities also, she designed vanity van of Deepika Padukone’s expensive vanity van. Her vanity van has a staff area, sitting area, pantry and washroom and a personal space for her too.

Deepika Padukone

3. Salman Khan :- One of the most luxury vanity vans in bollywood industry is of Salman Khan’s and it has a very modern look. The actor is reported to use his vanity van as his rehearsal room. Salman Khan spent around 5 crores on his vanity van.

Salman Khan

4. Alia Bhatt :- This young actress has spent almost 6 crores on her Vanity van which is fully designed by none other than, Gauri Khan. Alia Bhatt has a perfect spot inside her vanity van where she can display and posture with her outfit of the day.

Alia Bhatt

5. Varun Dhawan :- Varun Dhawan’s previous vanity van met with an accident and he has bought a new one recently. The actor spends a huge amount of time inside his vanity van it very comfortable and apt for chilling.

 Varun Dhawan

6. Ranbir Kapoor :- Kapoor lad, Ranbir Kapoor’s vanity van is his second home and he has make-up room inside his van which is grey in color. The actor’s vanity van from the inside is quite simple yet classy and it has several posters inside.

Ranbir Kapoor

7. Hrithik Roshan :- Greek God of bollywood, Hrithik has a very extravagant vanity van which has wooden and glass interior. The Vanity van is planned by Dilip Chhabria who has satisfied every one of the necessities of Hrithik and its value is around 3 crores.

Hrithik Roshan

8. Akshay kumar :- The Khiladi Kumar’s vanity van has cost him around a hefty amount of 5 crores and it has a luxurious recliner along with a bedroom. His vanity van also has a small kitchen  and a huge dining area too.

 Akshay kumar

9. Ajay Devgn :- Singham actor has a very unique looking vanity van as it looks like a sports car from the exterior and it is in white color. The actor altered the inside of his vanity van into a completely prepared exercise center during the shoot of Singham returns.

Ajay Devgn

10. Sanjay Dutt :- Sanju Baba’s vanity van is designed by none other than Dilip Chhabria. His vanity van is very open. It has relax region and is outfitted with gaming comforts; TV, PC and it cost him around 4 crores.

Sanjay Dutt

11. Amitabh Bachchan :- The veteran actor of bollywood, Big B has a black vanity van which he uses as his make up room and relaxing place.

Amitabh Bachchan

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