Shilpa Shetty approaches HC against defamatory content published in media, demands 25 crore damages | Hindi Movie News

Actor Shilpa Shetty has moved Bombay High Court asking for injunction against defamatory content on social media and websites. The actress has cited several reports that are false and defamatory and are damaging her reputation. The reports have surfaced alleging her involvement and reactions to the on-going investigation of her husband Raj Kundra and his involvement in a case relating to production and distribution of pornographic content.

Shilpa has demanded an unconditional apology from certain media houses, deletion of all defamatory content and a compensation of Rs 25 crores.

She has stated in her application that mere statement of her involvement in the said crime and investigation without verifying details has heavily damaged her character and reputation. She has also stated that she is being painted as a criminal and a woman who has abandoned her husband due to the on-going criminal investigation ongoing against her husband. Her application also alleges that the media outlets cited in her document to the court have published incorrect, derogatory, false defamatory statements and have not only defamed the Shilpa, but have maligned her image. They have caused irreparable damage to her reputation in society.

In the application, Shilpa has also stated that the defamatory articles and videos published in her name have lowered her reputation in the eyes of the public including her fans, followers, brand endorsement companies, business associates and peers who have now started believing those defamatory articles.

The application also states that the defamatory content published against her has maligned the image of her family members, including her minor children and elderly parents and close associates to hatred, ridicule and contempt, and it has also cost her business and professional loss.

She also submits that her reputation is an inextricable part of her right to life under Article 21 of the constitution of India. She has also suggested that certain sections of the media must permanently be restrained from publishing false content about her and the damages caused by such coverage can never be compensated by money.

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