Shilpa Shetty resigned from Raj Kundra’s company, cops investigating | Hindi Movie News

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra spent 6 long hours today evening as officials from Mumbai’s Crime Branch searched through their sprawling home looking for key evidence. Sources close to the investigation have revealed that Shilpa’s involvement in the case is being probed into right now. Speaking to ETimes, the source revealed, “The reason Shilpa has come under the scanner is because she resigned from the director’s position at Viaan Industries.” Since operations of the porn production and distribution were allegedly being handled by Viaan Industries, the cops have decided to look into the matter and see if Shilpa benefitted in any way from the money generated at the company. The source also revealed that Shilpa’s Bank accounts will also be checked for the same and the Crime Branch will also ascertain how long she served as one of the directors of the company.

Earlier reports had also revealed that in the investigation of the Raj Kundra case, Crime Branch officials are examining CCTV footage at Viaan Industries, looking for the person who deleted data from the servers hosting the digital content for the apps. Forensic experts will also try to retrieve the deleted data.

Other allegations from police sources also suggest that large sums of money were transferred to Kundra’s account from a betting company. Authorities will check if the profits earned from the porn production project were used in betting. Raj Kundra who was earlier arrested on July 19 in connection to production and distribution of pornographic content, was sent to police custody till July 23. The custody has further been extended till July 27.

Meanwhile, Shilpa Shetty who wasn’t yet served a summon in the investigation of the Raj Kundra case, has also not been part of her usual shoot assignments on reality TV shows. With the investigation veering towards new directions, we need to see if the police will approach Shilpa again.

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