Shocking Sad News In Bollywood for this Covid Crisis

Bollywood was going to witness a grand party in recent times which was supposed to be held by Yash Raj Films. Yes, a grand celebration was in talks for the 50th year anniversary of Yash Raj Films. Popular producer of Bollywood industry, Aditya Chopra decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the production house lavishly. But unfortunately, the plans have changed now and Aditya Chopra has cancelled the grand party. Yes, the star studded party that was going to happen, will not take place any more because of the pandemic. Our country is currently going through a very tough time due to the second wave of COVID 19 pandemic. Everyday people are just turning into mere numbers and the Bollywood industry has also got affected badly by the contagious virus. And this is why, Aditya Chopra has taken the decision to cancel the party for now and the celebration will take place after things become normal. Aditya Chopra had elaborate plans for the grand celebration of YRF 50 globally.

He has even planned out to announce the upcoming ventures of Yash Raj Films during this celebration. And now considering the tough situation, the celebration is cancelled which would have been attended by all stars of Bollywood. But the producer has won everyone’s heart with his generous act of donation. Filmmaker Aditya Chopra has donated the whole budget of the party for COVID relief work. Yes, the entire budget of YRF50 has been donated for the pandemic relief work in India by Aditya Chopra. Previously, Aditya Chopra has already started an initiative to support the family of 30 thousand daily wage workers of film industry. He has also sent a request to Central govt. of buying 30 thousand vaccines to vaccinate those daily wage workers. Aditya Chopra, who does not like to appear in front of media, is leaving no stones unturned to help people.

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