Sound check: A snap review of new music

John Mayer could well be for American fans what Shah Rukh Khan is for Indians — an artiste whose work is always enjoyable, but only more appealing when consumed amidst a string of interviews of the musician, who is in equal measure, charming and funny. 

Wild Blue, which sits right in the middle of his 10-track album, Sob Rock — that follows 2017’s The Search For Everything — is a luring addition to the selection. It is lively and rhythmic, with lyrics that are instantly relatable, and a chorus section that lifts your mood. It is a definite highlight of the selection of songs, none of which disappoint.  

Today in music

July 19,1985: Musician Joan Jett called up-and-coming boxer Mike Tyson before his fight with Larry Sims, which Tyson handily won. The superstitious Tyson insisted on getting a call from Jett before every fight, which he did until breaking tradition for his bout against Buster Douglas on February 11, 1990 — Tyson’s first loss.

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