Stree actor Flora Saini distances herself from Raj Kundra, after popping up in alleged WhatsApp chats | Bollywood

Actor Flora Saini, who played the titular character in Stree, has commented on her name appearing in alleged WhatsApp chats between businessman Raj Kundra and his associate, Umesh Kamat. Raj, the husband of actor Shilpa Shetty, is in police custody till July 27 after being arrested in connection with a pornography racket.

In an interview, Flora Saini said that the mere mention of her name in the alleged chats doesn’t prove that she ever met Raj Kundra. She said that she’d never been approached for a project on one of his apps but also mentioned that she’d turned down a HotShots project.

She told a leading daily, “I have never interacted with Raj Kundra. This is why I spoke up. Had I kept quiet, people would have assumed I had something to hide. If two people discuss my name in a chat that doesn’t mean I am aware or involved with what was being discussed. I am sure other names were also mentioned, perhaps of actresses who have done bold scenes. But since I am not from a film family, it’s considered okay to drag my name without even checking with me. Do these people understand the gravity of dragging a woman’s name in a porn scandal?”


She said that ‘people conveniently forget’ her mainstream work such as Laxmii, Begum Jaan and Stree, simply because she appeared in the ‘bold’ web series Gandii Baat. She said that she did Gandii Baat because it was a ‘challenge’ for her, as a former ‘fat kid’.

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She continued, “To say, yeh ladki aise hi kaam karti hai, yeh bolna galat hai (this girl only wants this kind of work is wrong). The case deals with porn and by dragging my name into it, you are insinuating that I could be involved in it. This is a violation of my rights. Because I am not from a film family, they thought it was fine to drag my name in this. I don’t want publicity of this kind!”

Flora has also appeared in web series such as Paurashpur, Aarya, and Inside Edge.

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