Tanishaa Mukerji, who got her eggs frozen, says ‘it’s very important for child to have a father’ | Bollywood

Actor Tanishaa Mukerji has spoken about getting her eggs frozen and why a child needs a father in their life. Tanishaa (43) got her eggs frozen when she was 39 years old.

Speaking to a leading daily, Tanishaa said that she would like to have a child when she finds the right person for her. “Yes, I froze my eggs a few years ago, because at that time it felt right and my philosophy is that life is short. Life is too short to wait for something to happen to you and I do want to have children. But I think it’s very important for a child to have a father. There’s a reason why God has created the Yin and the Yang, a man and woman to come together to have a child. There is a whole science and spiritual explanation behind it. So if I find the right male, my right yang, then I’d love to have a child,” she said.

Tanishaa had earlier said to the same publication that she was thinking about getting the procedure done when she was 33. “At that time, when I went to my doctor (who finally froze my eggs now)… it is funny but she stopped me from doing so at that time. While she told me it takes a toll on your body, she advised I should do it when I have no hope of conceiving a baby. It’s a personal choice. And today, it is perfectly ok to not have children. Adopt, there’s enough in this world. More people need to go out and talk about this. It’s ok for women to not have children. That’s not the only calling in your life. It’s ok to not get married, not be in a relationship and not define yourself with a man beside you,” she said.

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Tanishaa, who is the daughter of veteran actor Tanuja and sister of actor Kajol, will be seen in Rosie: The Saffron Chapter. Speaking about her projects, she told Hindustan Times, “After Bigg Boss, I did Khatron ke Khiladi and a couple of comedy shows. I was doing a lot of events and I also did an American film Code Name Abdul which was screened in different film festivals. In film Anna I got a chance to play a journo. I also did two English plays The Verdict and Jury directed by Divya Palat. Last year, I shot Love you Shankar in Varanasi, directed by Rajiv S Ruia.”

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