“There Are Nearly 30 Actors Who Are Actively Promoting & Shooting”

Sagarika Shona Suman Reveals There Are More People Involved In The Raj Kundra Led P*Rn Racket(Pic Credit: Facebook/Raj Kundra, Wikibiodata)

Raj Kundra’s arrest for the creation of p*rnographic content and its publishing on it various app case is making one startling revelation after another. In the midst of it all, actress and model have been opening up the alleged p*rn racket and being approached for it. One of these women doing so is Sagarika Shona Suman, who claimed that Raj’s former PA Umesh Kamat contacted her with an offer for a web show.

Now, Sagarika has once again spoken about it and revealed that more people are making such adult content in the Kundra-led p*rn racket. She even stated that she is now receiving death and r*pr threats too. Read on to know all she said.

As reported by the Times of India, Sagarika Shona Suman stated that even though she didn’t take any action against Raj Kundra, his former PA Umesh Kamat and others at the time she was approached, the ongoing investigation has encouraged her to take the necessary steps. She said, “I am already discussing with my lawyers what should be done.”

Adding that she is happy about the ongoing investigation and the arrest of Raj Kundra, Sagarika Shona Suman said that one needs to dig deeper in order to reach the roots of this entire p*rn racker. She said, “There are many more people who are making p*rn films. There are nearly 30 others who are not just victims, but they are a part of the Kundra-led p*rn racket. These actors are actively promoting and shooting p*rn and then sharing uncut clips on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, which in turn drive huge traffic to apps like HotShots and HotHits. These people should also be arrested, and their roles probed by the police.”

In a video, via Etimes, Sagarika Shona Suman also revealed that she is getting death and r*pe threats. The model-actress said, “I am disturbed and depressed because I am getting calls from different online platforms. They are threatening me. I am getting threats of death and r*pe. People are calling me from different numbers and asking me what wrong has Raj Kundra done. They are threatening me and accusing me of shutting down their business. They even said that you people watch p*rn films that’s why we are making it.”

Post Raj Kundra’s arrest earlier this week, Sagarika Shona Suman revealed that she was approached by Raj’s former PA, Umesh Kamat, for a role in a web series. Owing to the lockdown, an online audition was organized, and it was during this interaction, they asked her to go n*de. While she refused to give in to their demands, the actress-model revealed three people – including Kamat, were present, and one had their face covered- – who she guessed could have been Kundra given his body structure.

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