‘Toofan’ star Darshan Kumaar reveals he was trained by Will Smith’s trainer Darrell Foster for his role in the film

Darshan Kumaar, who plays a boxer in the upcoming film “Toofaan”, was trained by Hollywood star Will Smith`s trainer Darrell Foster for the role. The actor tagged it as “a once in a lifetime experience”.

Darshan said: “I remember that in our first meeting, Darrell said that he would teach me how to take a punch and not fake a punch. He said he won`t train me for a film, but he`d train me as a real pro boxer.

“That`s what the audience will get to witness when they watch the film. They`ll feel that they are watching two real pro boxers,” he claimed.

Darshan shared that the exhaustive training sessions with Foster happened from 7am to 3pm over a month.

“Those were one of the best moments of my life that I will cherish for a lifetime,” he added.

‘Toofaan’ tells the story of a boxer, played by Farhan Akhtar, who pushes his limits and works hard to winning in boxing. The film also features Paresh Rawal in the role of a boxing coach, and has released on Amazon Prime Video on July 16.

In a roundtable conference, Farhan Akhtar addressed the media, talking about his upcoming venture Toofan, his prep-up for playing a boxer and much more.

When asked, if ever he’s offered a biopic on any film personality, who would it be?, the actor told Zee News Digital, “Wow! I have been asked this before and the reason it is difficult to answer is that when you name one or two, it kind of negates the many other people who have incredible stories to be told. But the ones that more often than not spring to me, and again, am not answering this question as an actor but firstly as someone who would love to see these films. I would love to see a story on Kishore Kumar. He is such a part of our lives through his music and songs. Every generation discovers him over and over again. He had a spark in him and there was a madness in him – would be an incredible film.”

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