Vikrant Massey says he lied about dating a “pretty girl”

Vikrant Massey has had back-to-back releases – Haseen Dillruba and 14 Phere. In an interview with a leading RJ, Vikrant opened up about how he would make up fantasies of dating beautiful women in school and college and boast about it to his friends when in reality, the women didn’t even give him a second glance. In fact, one of the women had even confronted him about it when the rumour reached her ears.

“I’ve told so many lies. I told my friends I was dating this pretty girl who didn’t give me a second glance. There were a couple of girls in school, a couple in college; they didn’t care about me, but I created a fantasy in my head. I’d boast to my friends,” he said in the interview.

Vikrant Massey

“One of them found out that I was spreading rumours, and she confronted me also… I look okay now… But back then it was all about looks and clothes, and I was unattractive, absolutely unattractive,” he added.

Earlier, during Haseen Dillruba promotions, Vikrant had also spoken about how his aunt had walked in on him watching an adult film. “My cousins and I were watching, and my masi (aunt) walked in. We never thought she’d be up at 3 am… Then the walk of shame. I was staying at my nani’s house for a few days, and whenever I’d run into my masi, getting a glass of water or something, I’d be ashamed to look her in the eye. It was very, very embarrassing,” he said.

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