WATCH | Deadpool joins MCU, Ryan Reynolds makes announcement with ‘most expensive reaction video’

It is official. Deadpool has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a video shared on Tuesday night, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds confirmed the same in his inimitable signature style. Reynolds promoted his latest release, Free Guy via the announcement too.

Reynolds shared a ‘reaction video’ to his Free Guy trailer that featured Deadpool and Thor Ragnarok’s lovable character Korg, voiced by filmmaker-actor Taika Waititi. “If you include Deadpool’s cocaine rider, this is the most expensive reaction video ever made,” joked the actor on social media.

Of course, the whole video is very much meta, in the vein of the blockbuster Deadpool movies. Towards the end of the clip, Korg is asked by Deadpool for advice to enter the MCU. To which the ‘stony’ character responds with this hysterical answer, “Uh, have a dream… uhhh, chase it. Lose that dream. Just sabotage all sorts of happiness in the pursuit of that dream. Climb up to the peaks of that mountain and when you get to the top, land at the bottom and realise you’re never gonna achieve that dream, and at that point, check your emails. Maybe you’ll get something from your agent saying, ‘Marvel wants to talk.’”

Earlier, Marvel boss Kevin Feige had shared that while the character will be entering the MCU pantheon, they will not be toning down the R rated content from subsequent Deadpool films.

Meanwhile, Free Guy, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer and Taika Waititi in pivotal parts, will release on August 13.

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