When Govinda ‘just couldn’t’ shoot romantic scene with Neelam because he’d never ‘romanced a girl’ in real life | Bollywood

Govinda has revealed that he ‘just couldn’t’ bring himself to shoot romantic scenes with Neelam Kothari Soni when they were working on Ilzaam together. Govinda made the revelation during an appearance on the dance reality show Dance Deewane.

Govinda recalled that after noticing his discomfort, choreographer Saroj Khan pulled him aside and asked if he’d ever ‘romanced a girl’. Govinda said he hadn’t, and then the assistant choreographers had to step in and guide him through the sequence.

He said, according to a leading daily, “I remember during my first film, I had to shoot a romantic song with Neelam and I just couldn’t do it. From the corner, Saroj Khan held me and inquired whether I had ever romanced a girl! I said ‘no’, and she immediately asked one of her assistant choreographers to teach me how to do the romantic steps, and It was quite something.”

Govinda is currently judging a Bengali dance show, titled Dance Bangla Dance. In a recent interview, he explained why he’d taken the gig. He told the leading daily, “I was offered roles but none of them were that suited my stature as an actor, so I had to turn them down. I didn’t want to make a mistake to do films for the sake of doing which would’ve affected by star status. One has to only rise from where he or she was once, therefore, didn’t take up those projects.”

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In recent months, Govinda has spoken frequently about the film industry and his place in it. He said that there was a conspiracy in Bollywood to ‘demolish’ his career and that in the last decade-and-a-half, he has lost about 16 crore.

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