When Tiger Shroff revealed ‘the worst feeling’ of his life, said ‘our furniture was sold’ and ‘I slept on the floor’

Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff’s son and actor Tiger Shroff is one of the most coveted actors in today’s age. The actor has delivered several hits such as ‘Heropanti’ and ‘Student of The year 2’ and others. Tiger, his sister, Krishna Shroff and his family live a blessed life but there was a time when the family had to sell their house due to bankruptcy.

In an earlier interview with GQ magazine, Tiger revealed that when was 11-years-old he saw his furniture, his bed and everything getting sold. He shared that it ‘was the worst feeling’ of his life when he saw things he grew up with being taken away.

“I remember how our furniture and stuff was sold off, one by one. My mother’s artwork, lamps… Things I’d grown up seeing around us started disappearing. Then my bed went. I started to sleep on the floor. It was the worst feeling of my life. I wanted to work at that age but I knew I could do nothing to help,” Tiger said.

It all happened in the year 2002 when ‘Boom’ which was Ayesha Shroff’s directorial debut was somehow leaked online before its actual release. Due to piracy and fear of losses, distributors pulled out, but Jackie took the responsibility upon him to ensure the film’s release. The film was a blockbuster disaster and the Shroff family had to sell their four-bedroom Bandra apartment and move into a two-bedroom house in neighbouring Khar.

After starting his Bollywood career, Tiger promised his mother that he’d buy their house back and by 2017 the actor has managed to save enough to keep his promise. Although Tiger’s parents were touched by the gesture, they declined and decided to stay at their place, a building which is also home to Aamir Khan. 

Speaking about Tiger’s sweet gesture, Jackie had said in a recent interview, “I’m just proud of both my children. They are strong enough to get the house back; my wife didn’t want it back. She said, ‘Let it be, what’s gone is gone’. But his thought was nice, his thought was beautiful that he wants to make a house for his mother and his family.”

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